Education and Worldview

glassesDoug Wilson offers some wisdom regarding education and worldview,

“As Machen states, truth is truth however learned. It is possible to teach students to balance their checkbooks without any reference to God. But this is not education; it is merely mental dexterity. Students are not being taught to think thoroughly. They are merely being trained to function in a particular way. When a student is taught to think, he will relate what he learns in one class to the information offered in another. But he can only do this when he has an integrating principle — something that will tie all the subjects together.”

The question is whether or not we as parents make clear to our children as they are educated that the “integrating principle” is God in His grandeur and grace.

Home education: Do you intentionally point out or use a suitable curriculum that points to God’s grandeur and grace?
Christian Day School education: Do those teaching your children partner with you by consistently revealing the grace and grandeur of God in every subject. More importantly, do the teachers model it as well?
Public/Charter education: Do you know your teachers’, school’s, and district’s “integrating principle” that ties all the subjects together? If it is anything other than the grandeur and grace of God, how are you combatting these competing worldviews and belief systems that teach your child to connect these subjects in an abhorrent way?

Whatever the educational choice, we must recognize the truth that every educational endeavor is religious in that certain beliefs mandate a worldview.  It is our priority as parents to help our children keep the grandeur and grace of God central to their worldview.


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