Life by the Book Conference 2011

Building on last year’s conference: Foundations: The Bedrock of the Faith, this year we will consider together The Gospel:  Fad or Foundation?

You recently heard a friend say that he’s “gospel-centered” or another who “lives in light of the gospel.”  What are they talking about?  Is that Christian-ese for, “I’ve got it figured out and you don’t” or is it license for living a certain way?

So what do people mean?  What do you mean?  What should you mean and how should what you mean change the way you live?

We would love to have you join us for this conference as we hear from God’s Word and His Holy Spirit to give us clarity to our understanding of the term and of its impact on our everyday lives.

This year I am excited to have my friends Andy Naselli, Chuck Barrett, Drew Conley, Jeremy McMorris, Brad Baugham, and Andrew Henderson join me in helping answer the above questions.  To learn more visit


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