“Life by the Book” Conference

I am pleased to announce our first “Life by the Book” Conference at Hampton Park Baptist Church sponsored by our singles’ ministry (Single Vision).

During the Protestant Reformation several phrases served as guiding lights to return the church to the apostolic teachings of the gospel of Jesus Christ. One of those phrases was “sola scriptura” (Scripture alone). This cry was simply a call to the church to forsake the opinions and traditions of men and turn to God’s Word; the only faithful repository of the gospel. Similarly, the aim of this conference is to bring God’s Word to bear on the various issues of life. Many opinions are offered as to how life should be lived, but only God’s opinion matters. We hope that these conferences will handle Scripture carefully concerning these topics so that those who attend will be encouraged through the Spirit-backed teaching of God’s Word to live “Life by the Book.”

Our theme for this year is “Foundations: The Bedrock of our Faith.” This year’s specific purpose is to educate, edify, and evangelize by presenting the Christian faith in an accurate, careful, and convicting way to a younger generation who may be questioning, being challenged, or searching concerning the foundations of biblical Christianity. By God’s grace, we desire to see the gospel proclaimed widely by the next generation because they clearly understand and recklessly trust in the truth of the gospel as revealed in Scripture.

I am especially grateful to my friends who have agreed to speak:  Chuck Barrett, Danny Brooks, Drew Conley, Andrew Franseen, Matthew Hoskinson, and Andy Naselli.  For more information please visit the conference website or download the brochure here.


2 thoughts on ““Life by the Book” Conference

  1. Brian Johansen wins as the first registrant, but you and Candice are the first couple to register! Thanks for the excitement. I can’t wait either.

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