Bible Faculty Leadership Summit 2008

Today concluded this year’s Bible Faculty Leadership Summit. As always it was a very enjoyable time. The theme this year dealt with scholarship within Fundamentalism. The papers that dealt with this theme provoked much thought and discussion. Fundamentalism has made some great strides in this area over the last decade or so, but so much more needs to be done. I am not talking about scholarship for the sake of being recognized by others, but a scholarship that will aid in the setting forth of biblical truth for the health of the church. In other papers that deviated from the general theme, the doctrine of the Trinity appeared to be the other main topic. These discussions demonstrated how important scholarship is if fundamentalists are going to accomplish their self-proclaimed and important task – the preservation of biblical teaching. Many important facets of biblical truth are falling by the way side because scholarly discourse has often been viewed as esoteric and largely antithetical to the qualities promoted by those in pastoral positions. I wished more pastors could have heard these conversation so that professors and pastors alike could affirm what Dr. Mike Barrett always taught me. “There is nothing more practical than the study of theology.”

Two asides: 1. The facial hair sported by the Bob Jones faculty was quite impressive.
2. I was able to procur a copy of Phil Brown’s and Bryan Smith’s A Reader’s Hebrew Bible. It is an impressive work, and I think it will prove to be very valuable to those who desire to main
tain their Hebrew skills.


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