Vacaville Bible Church

My family and I just returned from a week of ministry at Vacaville Bible Church in Vacaville, CA. This church is an assembly of truly warm and spiritually-minded people. I spoke in three services on Sunday. We then loaded up and went up to Hartstone Bible Camp where Vacaville Bible Church holds their family camp. In total, the Lord gave me the privilege of ministering the word over 20 times, and Emily taught 4 sessions to the ladies.
My morning sessions were with the teens and we discussed knowing and obeying God’s will.
My sessions with the men dealt with Money, Possessions, and Eternity largely based on Randy Alcorn’s book.
My morning general sessions dealt with prayer.
My evening sessions dealt with God’s amazing grace from Titus 2 and Colossians 2-3.

After camp, Emily and I were able to take the boys on a quick vacation to San Francisco and the Monterey Peninsula. In light of all that is happening in terms of possible ministry transition, it was a great blessing to minister away from K.C. for a while as well as spend some valuable family time together.


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