Welcome to Proclaim His Excellencies

I am a bit late in “getting in the game” concerning a blog site. At the same time, this has been intentional. I wanted to be sure I had a proper focus and purpose for having such a site. The focus of this sight will not be on what everyone else is doing, but rather on what God desires to do with our lives. I hope my entries will strike the balance between academic investigation and personal spiritual transformation. Some of my entries will be largely academic providing food for thought in the areas of theology and hermeneutics. Other posts will focus on my pastoral ministry. I hope these more anecdotal entries will encourage the reader as I share what God is teaching me in the ministry. I certainly do not view this site as a venue by which bestow my wisdom upon those who read, but as a running commentary of my journey to know God better through the study of His Word and to serve His people better as His servant.


2 thoughts on “Welcome to Proclaim His Excellencies

  1. I started to read your essays several years ago at SI. I look forward to finally finishing reading them.

  2. Hey Dr. Barney,
    I’m a member of Hampton Park. Could you send me an email? I can’t find your address but I have some questions for you – I’m a sophomore at Bob Jones. My address is dustanchevalier@gmail.com

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